Snoozebaby develops baby- and toddler products such as wrapping blankets and comfort toys – each with their trademark labels incorporated into the design.

Sometimes still play like a little kid? Let your imagination run wild and create your own world? For Snoozebaby we created imaginary worlds.Making animations and Illustrations and the landscape is created by Snoozybaby’s fabrics. For example we made a sea from their textile products and used the labels (labels are their USP) as kind of sailing boats. Snoozebaby’s dolls we photographed without baby’s or kids and brought the characters to life.

Does your imagination run wild? Do you sometimes play like a kid? For Snoozebaby we created imaginary worlds with animations and illustrations. For example, the landscape is formed by Snoozybaby’s fabrics. The USP is their labels found on their products. The Snoozebaby’s dolls were photographed without babies or toddlers which brought the characters to life.  

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Bringing two clients together: Birth cards of the hospital Boven IJ sponsored by Snooze Baby.


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